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Want to know if size really matters? Is the Brazilian still in vogue? If you've got a question, Samantha will answer it!

Ask Samantha a Question

Speak Up!

How do you think the best way to start a conversation with a women you have never met?
Hi always works well for me!It really is that easy. It’s not about what you say to begin with. The hard part is reading into the answer/reaction and the next step. If someone turns their back to you its best to assume they aren’t in a talking mood. Another thing to note is eye contact and whether you get a smile back or a snarling ‘I’m good’, followed by the back turn! What you follow up with if you get a positive sounding/looking reply can be anything. But it might be best to stick to something applicable to what you’re doing. In line at the bank? A simple eyebrow lift while cheekily mentioning the wait can start something. But be quick to follow up with something further. At a club? Ask what they think of the music-anything is going to sound like a pickup unless you’re genuine. And the worst that can happen? A polite smile and shuffle in the opposite direction. You tried, the next person may just chat right back. And there you have it. Convo begun, where it goes is up to you.
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Make up/Break up

Just broken up with my girlfriend again it’s the second time and I want her back. She say I’m selfish and inconsiderate, but I give her everything I have how do I get her to change her mind about me?
No one can change her mind but you. But if she has made a decision it may be fruitless to even try. That said if you don’t try you may end up wondering what you missed so it may be worth giving it another shot and pleading your case. If she has forgiven you in the past there is a chance she may again, or she may have decided that if the break up is based on the same issue that it’s not worth all the hassle. If she thinks you are selfish and inconsiderate she must say why. And if you think your not tell her why and give examples. Communicating is the main ingredient to patching this up but at the same time actions can speak louder than words. If you’re saying you’re not selfish and in the same breath you gobble up the last of the chips she may be hesitant in believing you. Its small gestures that women read into and if you spent the whole relationship saying one thing but doing another it may be time to chalk it up to experience and move along. No harm in trying to win her back.
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Eye Catching Title

Hey Sam, I was just wondering if the message title/subject line is helpful in snagging a potential reply from a member? Any advice appreciated.
This is something that always seems to be neglected when taking the time to write to someone. I think it’s a very important part of a message, if not, the MOST important. If you write something generic, or write nothing at all, why would someone take the time to even open that message? If you don’t at least look as though you have tried, and taken the time to personalise your message then why would a member then take the time to read what you have sent? Like I said you only have to look as though you tried, as most members generally understand you can’t write a tailored message to every new profile you read. You would be there forever. But even a mention of the members profile title can mean the difference between a read message and an unread. You can even send the same thing to every member as long as its eye catching and quirky. Anything has to be better than ’new message’ so think about it and test some message titles out!
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