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Shihad - The exclusive interview

For those of you who dreamt about starting your own rock band during homeroom at high school, read on for a rock'n'roll exclusive, where we chewed the fat with Shihad frontman Jon Toogood about 'Beautiful Machine', the latest offering from the heavy metal/alternative rock enigma.<br> </br>
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CD Reviews

Florence and the Machine - Universal - RHP review

We’ve been pretty indifferent toward the last 8 or 9 female singer-songwriters wheeled out by the business, sporting “next big thing” tags. We have our Sarah Blasko, Regina Spektor and Lily Allen, we’re good for feisty young sirens; at least that’s what we thought. Combining the wavering heart of Grace Slick, the floating notes of Kate Bush and the conviction of Annie Lennox, Florence and the Machine have arrived with one of the year’s best in Lungs.
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Movie Reviews

Drag Me To Hell - RHP review

Sam Raimi, you beautiful bastard. You’re as whacked out as ever and thankfully, you’ve retained that adolescent streak that made your take on horror so damn enjoyable!
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DVD Reviews

Love The Beast - RHP review

It never sounded like a good idea. Our very own Hollywood A-lister, Eric Bana puts his moniker on, what at first glance, appears to be a low budget motor sport documentary. Not a career maker by any stretch; but what Love The Beast does do is prove that our Eric is one talented fella.
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Book Reviews

Sex Lives of Australian Women – Exclusive interview

Well to say Joan Sauers new book contains some explosive revelations about Australian women and their habits between the sheets would be an understatement and then some. Based on the findings of an extensive online poll, Sauer’s new book Sex Lives of Australian Women is a compelling read; a book you simply cannot put down. The statistics are amazing, the insights surprising and the commonality that runs through us all, comforting.
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