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Community >> Frequently Asked Questions to Samantha

What do women prefer: looks or personality? How do I meet someone online?

Looks Vs Personality - Round One

What makes a guy really desirable to women? Does looks really matter or is it more the personality that carries across?
Sadly, the answer to your question will differ greatly from women to women. Some women are all about looks. Some are all about money. However, even if a man is blessed with both good looks and money, if his attitude and personality stinks, he’s most likely headed for a life surrounded by airheads with a degree in Retail Therapy. I won’t lie, we’re all attracted to good looks but that also encompasses good presentation. A guy who isn’t quite Brad Pitt but knows what to wear and chooses the sexiest fragrances can appeal to many women. However, once we go past the outer layer, we women do enjoy a guy with a happy, relaxed personality. We’d enjoy spending time with a guy who is as much interested in telling stories about himself as he is listening to our hopes and dreams. Confidence is sexy but it need not be pushed to a point where we think you’re over-compensating ;) At the end of the day, make the most of your outer, and your inner will shine through.
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Working that Profile

I’ve been in the online dating scene for 6 months now and I have yet to meet a successful match. Many girls seem to show interest but when the time comes to try and hook up, it never works out. Could you please tell me what’s wrong? I mean is there anything I should do to my profile or any tips at all? I am starting to lose faith in internet dating.
What attracts a woman to a profile changes with every woman you ask. What one woman finds attractive or appealing can turn another woman off completely. In many cases, before a woman can make up her mind about you, she may move onto someone with a more appealing profile. There are some things you can do though: Firstly, always check your spelling. It shows laziness and not to mention, makes you appear unintelligent. Don’t be rude or ill-mannered. Crude can be cheeky, but it has to be done in a respectful manner. Also no one wants to read about how great you think you are! Tell them WHY you think you’re so great. Appearance can be crucial. If it looks as though your photo was taken when you were last arrested (AKA mugshot), no one is going to want to contact you. Make sure you look your best. And finally, be honest and put in some effort. No one wants to read an autobiography but neither do they want to have to guess. Remember...’Effort Equals Reward’. Good luck!
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